Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio v3.3.2


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    Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio v3.3.2

    Mesazh nga Onyx. prej Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:22 am

    TRAKTOR 3 is a versatile and comprehensive digital DJing solution designed to meet the most professional of standards. The third generation of this award-winning software offers breath-taking sound quality coupled with an unprecedented array of new features ? sure to get any party rocking. Discover the potential of TRAKTOR 3 and blend a new dimension of creativity into your mix. TRAKTOR 3 has four fully-featured playback decks: Drop in additional loops and samples, or mix four tracks at once. The integrated 4-channel club mixer is highly flexible, allowing effects to be inserted on each channel individually. External turntables, CD-players and hardware effects can be patched seamlessly into the setup - the possibilities of this virtual DJ platform are endless.
    Kodi: Tra_3.3.2.rar

    Kodi: NRM6BCA5

    Kodi: Tra_3.3.2.rar.html

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