Sims 3 & World Adventure Update fix guide


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    Sims 3 & World Adventure Update fix guide

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    Hey guys! (and of course gals!), Just a quickie for all those who are having issues updating from both the RELOADED and RAZOR releases of The Sims 3 to get Sims 3: World Adventures working I've tried and tested this method and am happily playing World Adventures on my unit with no issues so far after this For those who have the original RLD release, you need to find and install the reloaded to razor patch which you can find here on the forums (or elsewhere on the web) and install it to get to the RZR release version. (Here is the file with credit to kiomoo on the snaketop forums (if you can't find it now)):
    Kodi: s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part1.rar s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part2.rar s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part3.rar s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part4.rar s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part5.rar s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part6.rar s3.update.rld-rzr.ver-GosTiK.WeBTuZu.CoM.part7.rarIf you already have the RZR release, continue on With all in good working order (release-wise) download this compendium of files here @:
    Kodi: halloweensnaps2009.part1.rar halloweensnaps2009.part2.rar halloweensnaps2009.part3.rarThese archives contain the updates as well as the files to finish the full retail conversion that the prior patch does not update. Extract and install as follows: 1. Extract the files from the folder listed "1. copy these files" in the archive to that of the main Sims 3 directory's bin folder (\Sims 3\Bin\) and overwrite the originals. (and perhaps backup the the originals for those faint of heart) 2. With the files correctly copied over proceed to update in the following order: (files are also numbered in the rar archives if you get lost) i: Sims3_1.2.7_from_1.0.631 ii: Sims3_1.3.24.00002_from_1.2.7.00002 iii: Sims3_1.4.6.00002_from_1.3.24.00002 iv: Sims3_1.6.6.002002_from_1.4.6.00002 v: Sims3_1.7.9.002002_from_1.6.6.002002 If the updates scream that the region is wrong, it can be corrected by: 1. Start menu > Run > regedit 2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sims\The Sims 3 (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sims\The Sims 3 for 64bit OS) 3. Find tha value labeled SKU 4. Change the value to 2 With all updates successfully installed, you are now ready to go ahead and install Sims 3: World Adventures expansion from whatever release you have and burn away the rest of your student life For those who only want the files to correct the "Invalid file found" errors from the failed update install, please find the following containing only the fix files to prevent the "invalid file found" error. This was the major killer that caused the lack of support of the update patches as the help files that were installed with the RLD release and even the RZR release were not the same as the retail version. These files contain the retail versions that the official updates look for before proceeding
    Kodi: filefixonly.rarFor those who only want the original files for the patches:
    Kodi: Originalfiles_by_crocexx.rarFor those who get stuck on the shaders file when updating:
    Kodi: Shaders_Win32.rarCredit goes to: All those who didn't provide any support for the uploads they provided And to Elton for being a newb when she finally finds this This is my own upload so if you could grab a file or two as a free user it would be much appreciated! And also a thanks couldn't hurt 😉 Crocexx

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